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          Tonight was definitely my favorite episode since The Return.

          First off, it was funny, and I haven't gotten a good laugh from any of the new episodes other than the brilliantly dim one-liners dribbling out of Brittany's mouth each week. Also, last week I was left crying "MOAR RACHEL" and this week I got it! Seriously, I love Lea's voice and I love Rachel. I think most of my flist who watches the show can't stand her but I absolutely love her. I don't care that she acts like a diva; she's so unbelievably consumed with her love of the performing arts that nothing less than perfection is acceptable to her (except in the case of Finn, who is so far from perfect but she's obviously a bit blind there). I really do believe that she is right when she says she's the best performer in the group. Sure, Amber (Mercedes) can blast the roof off with pure volume but if we're talking about range and expression the contest goes to Lea (Rachel). Plus Rachel had a Fifth Anniversary Wicked Playbill in her room. How do I know it was from the fifth anniversary? Simple. The Playbill logo was green and that was the first time a show had been granted permission to change the logo from its signature goldenrod.

          Not that I'm obsessed with Wicked or anything.

          Importantly though, even though Rachel got ample screen time, the group dynamic was not lost and the rest of the cast got some good screen time too and Kurt and Artie were great. Kurt remains absolutely perfect in his characterization and line delivery. Much love to his body language. Artie got to sing! I love Kevin McHale's voice and want to see more of Artie singing. I also want to see more Artie and Tina because they're adorable.

          How much did I love Emma telling Will off? So much. Seriously, I do not like Will at all. As a future educator I was mortified when he coerced Finn into joining the glee club by planting drugs in his locker and blackmailing him. Seriously? Nothing excuses blackmailing a student, especially for something he didn't even do, and your dreams of reclaiming your glory days through your students is definitely not an exception, Mr. Schuester. Maybe I'm taking that a bit too seriously, it is only a comedy show after all, but it really upset me. I also find him to be pretty pompous and sanctimonious overall, and then his cheating on Emma and not telling her about it was further disappointment. And please stop rapping. You're a great Broadway performer and I'd like to see more of that on my T.V. (though I must admit I quite enjoy "Ice, Ice, Baby")

          Which brings me to the songs, which I loved in this episode. I really couldn't relate to the Madonna episode because, with the exception of "Like a Virgin" and "Like a Prayer" I had no experience with them and couldn't really appreciate the "end-all, be-all of pop music" that they were making them out to be. Even though I usually don't know most of the songs they sing, I can usually get into them for how they relate to the show, but I didn't get that in the Madonna episode. This time, however, I loved the songs especially "Run Joey, Run". The song actually sounds really interesting and Rachel's video was a riot.

          Then there were the serious sides of the episode which were nice. Quinn is lovely and I really feel for her. I'm sorry she's lost so much of what she valued and I hope she finds the strength within herself to deal with the changes in her life. Also loved that Emma looks at Will differently. She used to look at him like the sun shone out his ass and he could do no wrong. if they stay together their relationship will be much more healthy now that she doesn't treat him like he's flawless.

P.S. Expect a review of Chess to be coming soon. I saw a performing asrts school's production on Sunday and it was great :)



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May. 10th, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
Of course you wouldn't like the last episode as much (which I loved) because it didn't have enough Rachel (who I hate).

Mercedes > Rachel

I think you seriously underestimate her range.

I do admit this last episode was funnier than the others, but it still got all angsty at the end which I loved!!

Emma telling Will off was win! Same thing with Jesse, Finn, and Puck telling pathetic Rachel off! Furthermore, Jesse refusing to take Rachel back after everything and Emma refusing to take Will back! I love that they aren't resolving everything in one episode anymore.

Ice, Ice, Baby was painful to witness. Seriously can't we even agree on the little things!

Run, Joey, Run does sound interesting. I definitely liked it.

But you forgot the best part of this episode TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART!!! Not as good as our high school version, but still epic win!
May. 10th, 2010 01:24 pm (UTC)
Yes! Stories are actually arcing which is great to see! I think the themes are still making the show feel very episodic but at least the issues are providing continuity.

Oh yes, "Ice, Ice, Baby" was embarassing to watch! I didn't mean to imply that I enjoyed it on the show, just that in general I kind of like the song.

YES!! I love that song so much! Have you ever seen the Literal Video Version of it? It's hilarious!
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