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Happy BTR Day!

Happy BTR Day everyone! "What's BTR Day?" you ask? Well, it's the day the band Big Time Rush's debut album, BTR, debuts.

And it's today!

Now, how do you celebrate BTR Day? In a perfect world you could wear your Big Time Rush T-Shirt and silly bands that came with your pre-order, but if for any reason that is not possible (like if UPS decided to be a tool and reschedule your delivery), there are still ways to partake in this joyous occasion! First and foremost, buy BTR. Your BTR Day simply won't make sense without it. You can pick it up at any self-respecting CD store (I didn't see it at FYE, so boo on them) or on iTunes for only $6.99.

BUT WAIT! Don't just jump right into the album! I know, you can't wait to hear some BTR, but it will be so much more enjoyable if you familiarize yourself with the band prior to listening. I recommend the following videos:

Kendall and Logan -Interview:

(See why they're my OTP?)

Carlos and James -Interview:

I just love Carlos, dude makes me smile :)

BTR on Bonnie Hunt -Interview:

Low quality, but it's no longer available on Bonnie's site and it's one of my favorite ones

BTR Tour of Set -Behind-the-Scenes:

Gives a nice behind-the-scenes look at the show

First Performances -Interview:

I love that they talk about their histories with performing, and of course I love Carlos' musical theatre passion.

"Til I Forget About You" -Live Performance

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Nice live performance and little interview afterward

There, now that you know the guys a little better I'm sure you're just DYING to get the album, so I'll let you go get it and listen :)