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Just some random things I like

It was foggy and misty this morning. I love that. :) It just feels so "Look there, out the window! It's the moor it is. Like a dull purple sea this morning. Do you like it?" I love it, Martha. I love that the path I take out of my apartment building is dirt (often mud, which isn't that fun) and mulch and takes me under spindly tree branches. I feel almost like I live in the woods and get to walk through them any time I leave or return home.

I hope so badly that I can have a secret garden when I grow up. I've already planned out the hedge mase that will surround it and lead into it and I'll spend hours in there. I don't know exactly how it will look, but there most definitely will be fountains of roses and a wooden door with an old fashioned lock and key. The only thing I'm not sure of is how I'll place it in my yard and what kind of yard I'll need to have so the garden won't look largely out of place.

I love the new Nickelodeon show "Big Time Rush"! It's kind of ridiculous how much I'm loving it. It's a show about a boy band making their first recordings and breaking into the music business. The guys are hilarious and so full of life; all of the characters, even the secondary ones, have unique and well-formed personalities; the storylines are actually interesting and not just the same recycled storylines used in every tween show between Disney and Nick; and I really, really like the music. I'm so into this band! I'm 21 years old and I'm obsessed with a boy band! I was never even this into a boy band when I was in their target age range! Anyway, I love this show. Every week that there's not a new episode I get sad.

Other kids shows I've recently fallen in love with are "iCarly" and "Wizards of Waverly Place". Though they aren't as good as BTR, of course, "iCarly" is pretty well-written and gets better as it goes on, and WoWP, though not quite as well-written, has a spectacular cast. David Henrie is hilarious and Selena Gomez really is a talented and charismatic young actress.

I love Billy Elliot the Musical. Obviously. I think I've covered this topic enough already, lol

I went to New York. I still can't believe that. I mean, I always want to things like that but never actually take the initiative and make them happen. This time I did and I am really proud of myself. I want to do it again :)

Related to the above point, I want to see Next to Normal, Lend Me a Tenor, and West Side Story on Broadway. N2N looks impressive and I got the Cast Recording from a friend and the score is fantastic. I feel the lyrics are at times pedestrian but overall it's definitely something I want to see. LMaT is a play and not a musical (!) but it sounds funny and, above all, stars Jennifer Laura Thompson! She's finally made a full return to performing and I can't miss it. I love her and have been waiting for years for her to begin performing again in full productions. Plus it also stars Tony Shalhoub and Justin Bartha, who I love from "Monk" and National Treasure, respectively. WSS I never was interested in after seeing the film. The film was just...blegh. I watched it once in school before I was really interested in musicals and hated it. Once I got more into musicals I tried watching it again but still couldn't finish it. When the revival was announced I was uninterested, but when I found out that one of my favorite performers, Matthew Hydzik, was the standby for Tony I got a bit more interested. I got a recording of him in the show just to see more of him and I was floored by how much I loved it! The story and music were great and the performances were phenomenal. Matthew was great and definitely should have been full-time Tony. Josefina Scaglione was a beautiful Maria and is one of the most breathtaking women I've ever seen. She sang well and had a beautiful portrayal. Karen Olivo was perfect as Anita. Not much else to say about that. The incorporation of Spanish into the script was fantastic. It made the show interesting and realistic and was executed almost flawlessly. The only shaky execution is in the "Tonight" quintet when the Sharks sing their verses in Spanish and then jump to English for the "Tonight!" at the end of each verse. Every other switch between languages has a character motivation behind it.

That' all I can think of at the moment. So what are ome things that you guys are liking at the moment? (also, let me apologize for any typos here, some of my keys (especially the 's') haven't been working right)

AKA: Epic cast is epic*, AKA: The most amazing theatrical experience of my life.
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I'm 21!

Well yesterday was my 21st birthday and it was quite a good time!

My friends from the Art Ed. department invited me over to have a drink at their place so I could hang out with the couple of them who weren't 21 yet, then the 21-year-olds took me to the local bar, The Cornerstone. I invited my friend Lindsey who had just turned 21 the day before to come out with us, as well as our friend Amber who turned 21 in January but didn't get to have much of a celebration due to some obnoxiously drunk people at her party.

My first drink was a shot of 99 Blackberries in a glass of fruit punch. It was ok, I already felt a bit dizzy drinking it but I got over it by the time I finished drinking the cup. Next we went to the bar where I had a few sips of beer which was God-awful. I think it was probably weak to begin with and/or watered down because it was just kind of tangy water. Next I tried a bit of a cranberry/vodka mix, something that tasted like lemonade, and a Rum and Coke. I wasn't really fond of any of them. The lemonade thing tasted fine but, like most of the drinks, just reminded me of rubbing alcohol. Then I had a Fuzzy Navel, which was a 99 Peaches/Orange Juice mix and was the only drink I liked and finished at the bar.

Lindsey, Amber, and I left after that at around midnight. Lindsey went home and Amber and I went to my former roommate Ryan's new off-campus townhouse to have a few drinks with him. Since I never drank when I was underage and he did he was always excited to have a drink with me when I finally came of age. I had a Straub beer at his place, which he and our other roommate, Ben, always raved about. He said it was a bit old and therefore not a great representation of the Straub company, but I still liked it much more than the beer from the Corner Stone and finished it. While at his house, with one of his new roommates, his ex-girlfriend, two other girls, and Amber, we played a very fun game called Crud. It's played on a pool table with just the Cue Ball and 8-Ball. The Cue ball is used to knock the 8-Ball around the table; everyone takes a turn in rotation; shots can only be taken from either end of the table, not the middle; if the 8-Ball stops moving before the person hits it with the Cue Ball they get a letter (like Horse, you're out if you spell "CRUD"), and if someone knocks the 8-Ball into one of the pockets the person after them loses their turn and gets a letter. It was a lot of fun :)

I ended up going home around 1 or 2, never got drunk, threw up, or had a hangover. All in all alcohol was fine, but nothing that I'm really dying to have again. It's not very tasty and I don't find the prospect of being drunk all that appealing. I am glad, however, that I will no longer have to be the only person not drinking at parties anymore. That always felt kind of weird.

Huge Icon Post

I've been making icons a lot lately, like a lot. Here's a good percentage of what I've done (roughly a kajillion, so I'll be cutting for each category)

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I think I'll leave it at that for now. I'd love to hear your opinions! There are a few I'm really not pleased with but I figured I'd post them anyway. Some of the ones I'm not happy with were mostly made as filler so that I could have all my icon sets be multiples of five (I know, but are you really surprised that I had to be anal-retentive about my numbers?)

Billy Elliot

...is my current favorite musical. No, not all-time favorite, that's still Wicked, but I'm so in love with this show right now.

I first got interested in it after the Tonys this summer where I saw this amazing performance. Seriously, I watch that video any time I feel angry because it's just such a cathartic, if vicarious, outburst of raw emotion.

After that I looked around for a video of the show and got one. At first I didn't really love it. I liked it and the dancing was phenomenal but it didn't quite grip me, much of which had to do with the fact that their accents made a a good deal of the songs and some of the dialogue difficult to follow, but I started listening to the Cast Recording and once I could understand the lyrics I began to be very moved by the show. Really, it's a bit similar to how I fell in love with Wicked. When I first saw it I loved the music but I wasn't in love with the show. Once I got the cast recording though I became obsessed and the rest is history :)

Similarly I've become obsessed with Billy Elliot. I search for articles, performances, and pictures almost every day and have decided that Trent Kowalik (the boy in the "Angry Dance" video posted above) is my favorite. I think he brings the best combination of determination and vulnerability to the role, and his tapping is just out of this role. I have decided that whenever he announces his last performance in the show I am going to buy tickets and see it. There's just no way I'm going to miss it. The only problem is I don't know how much notice I'm going to have for that performance. According to both Trent and his sisters his contract ends on Sunday, February 21st. However, he may be required to stay longer because one of the other Billies (Billys? I don't know if the pluralization of a name follows the same rule of "y -> ie") was injured and Trent may be required to stay on longer until the other boy can recover.

It's all very confusing and because money isn't exactly flowing I want to be very sure before I commit to a ticket purchase.

Oh and before I go, I leave you with the three original Broadway Billies adorably winning their (well-deserved) Tony awards:

Finally Finished Season 4 of Supernatural

I'm pretty sure everyone on my flist who watches the show is properly caught up, but for formality's sake I'll make a spoiler cut.


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I'm Seeing Wicked Again!!

My friend Clare just invited me last night to see Wicked with her when she sees it in Syracuse in January! I'm extremely excited, it's going to be the First National Tour which has Chandra Lee Schwartz as Glinda right now and I would really love to see her (fingers crossed for no understudies, at least not for Glinda) because from reviews I've read online and recordings of her she seems to be really promising as one of the few actresses who doesn't go ridiculously over the top in the role and makes Glinda a sincere character. Plus I saw her in one of the Pittsburgh CLO shows this past summer (Copacabana. Pretty bland show but I really liked her) so I'd really like to see how she does with Glinda.

Also Donna Vivino is playing Elphaba and while I don't know much about her portrayal (other than that revyrie liked her, and we tend to agree on which Elphabas and Glindas we like) but she was the original Young Cosette in the Broadway production of Les Miserables so it would be interesting to see her just for that little fun fact :)

Also, nice meme from revyrie

Comment here and I will tell you why I like/love you.

Even if we don't talk much, even if we have NEVER spoken, I want EVERYONE to participate. If you want to share the love and do the same at your journal, go ahead. You're under no obligation to carry it on if you comment here.

The Car is Kaputski :(

My car is officially done. The repairs will cost more than it's worth so we're just going to sell it to a junk yard for parts.

I'm sad. I've grown attached to that car. It's gotten me everywhere I wanted to go, carted friends around, got me home when I've been lost (frequently), and I just don't want it to be sold away. I remember reading online once about how men typically get attached to their first cars much more than women do and I thought that seemed so silly, but I guess it's true because I really don't want a new car, I want my car with the broken center console, mysterious stains on the dashboard, oil spill in the back seat, and memories.

I know I'm being silly, but I really will miss my car. :(

In other news I'm going to Brandywine PA this weekend for the Pennsylvania Art Education Conference. Sould be a great experience which will not only help me become a better art teacher one day, but will also look good on my resume. :D

Like the repetitively redundant title? I do. :)


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